# Getting Started

You can access the admin interface by visiting /admin, which can be changed by editing the config/blog.php or adding the following key to your .env file:


Now the admin will be available at https://example.com/foo-admin.

The default username is admin@example.com and the password is admin123. You need to change this after the blog was installed in the Profile page.

Note: Since this blog package was written for a single user, currently all users have access to edit the blog. This may change in the future.

Screenshot of the admin user UI

On the top right corner there are three icons:

Screenshot of the admin user UI

  • Visit the web site
  • Edit your profile
  • Sign out

On the left you can find the main navigation of the admin interface, where you can list, create or edit the posts. You can also access your profile:

Screenshot of the admin user UI

This menu is hidden if you are visiting the admin interface from a small screen. You can toggle the menu from the top left corner:

Screenshot of the admin user UI on mobile devices